Barack Obama has been doing some things that are questionable with people of any stripe politically lately.  Today, the anniversary of the D-Day invasion of Normandy in World War 2, the President is conspicuous in his absence at any public event.  Instead, he has decided its more important to raise funds for re-election in San Francisco than it is to honor one of the most brutal battles in the history of the world.

It is amazing to see a move like this on the part of the President.  Does he not realize that veterans vote and take this type of thing rather seriously?  Admittedly, not too many veterans will tend to vote for the President anyway.  Those in the military tend to vote conservatively.  However, there are many people that have someone in the family that is part of the military of this nation.  If they see the President disrespect their family members by not commenting on something like this, they may reflect on who they want to vote for based on that.  It puts the President in a tough spot.

D-Day was a long time ago, but then so was the day that Pearl Harbor was bombed, as was the day that the first world war started, as was the day that this nation came into being.  These are things that get marked from year to year as people gave their lives for freedom in this nation and around the world.  If you aren't going to spend even a few seconds telling people how much they are appreciated for their service and willingness to sacrifice, then you have to start wondering if the Commander-in-Chief is really that comfortable with the role.

All of this may seem small to some, but I can say this clearly.  The sacrifice of those that have served is something I appreciate and many others do as well.  As the leader of this nation, the President needs to acknowledge that something happened.  But never mind that, the campaign coffers are starting to get low.