NEW ORLEANS (AP) — Tulane University says it has received more than 50 entries but is still taking registrations for a $1 million contest to combat "dead zones" where water holds too little oxygen to support aquatic or marine life.

One such area forms off the Louisiana coast every summer, but the problem is worldwide.

The Nitrogen Reduction Challenge is looking for ways to maintain or increase agricultural yields while reducing runoff of nitrogen and other nutrients that contribute to the problem. The nutrients feed blooms of one-celled plants and animals that die, fall to the bottom and decompose, using up oxygen.

Registrations are due by Aug. 15 and an advisory committee will review the first 100 technical submissions received by Sept. 30.

Up to five semi-finalists will get a farm plot in northeast Louisiana to test their ideas.

A national advisory committee will choose the winner.


Challenge webpage:

Challenge rules:


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