I am so sick of people trying to scam other people out of their money and their identities.  Why not just get a job?  Some scams are so elaborate, it makes you wonder why people with so much imagination don't just get a job.  You are tenacious enough to run a scam and steal money, but you can't seem to make a legitimate living?

When I think about all the time it takes to pretend to be another company, like faking a logo of a company so it looks almost like another company's, establishing a billing routine, and making calls to get someone's information, it just makes me nuts.  Why do they do it?

The Better Business Bureau has tons of reports of businesses that are great, and lots that are just doing the absolute worst, when they could be doing the best.  They put all these resources, card scanners, phone numbers, sales calls, faxes, emails into something fake, when they could get a job at a real company and make real money.  I guess the lure of easy money is too much.  But then, what happens to all that ambition???

If scammers put half of the work into a legitimate job, company or their own personal business, they would make lots of money-on the level!  Why do it?  Again, the lure of easy money. And who makes it easy?  We do.  We can be caught so simply giving someone personal information.  We can forget to update security measures with computers and mail something back that we are not sure about, and then bam! We have been caught!

A good way to help in the fight against someone trying to steal our hard earned money is to spread the word, so that is what I am asking you to do.  Always pass the word. When we do a news story about a scam, pass on that news story to as many people as you can. Always verify information when someone contacts you to get private information.  Never back down.  Get all the information that you can from someone who is trying to steal your money, and then burn them with the information.  Report bad business behaviour to the Better Business Bureau, the Federal Trade Commission and to the police when it is appropriate.

Here is how to report a problem:

The Better Business Bureau of Acadiana

The Federal Trade Commission

The Products Safety Commission