MINA, Saudi Arabia (AP) — Saudi officials have raised the death toll from Thursday's stampede outside the holy city of Mecca. The Saudi Health Ministry said on Twitter that 769 people died and 934 were injured in the crush of pilgrims in Mina.

The pilgrims suffocated or were trampled to death when two massive crowds converged on a narrow street.

Shiite Iran has accused Sunni Saudi Arabia of mismanaging the pilgrimage, which annually draws some 2 million people from 180 countries.

Iran's state prosecutor says he will pursue legal action against Saudi Arabia's rulers in international courts. He says Saudi authorities blocked a road used by pilgrims to allow a royal convoy to pass through, causing the deadly convergence of two waves of pilgrims going in opposite directions.

Iranian state TV says 136 Iranian pilgrims were among the dead, 85 were injured and 344 remain missing.

Mina is where pilgrims throw stones at three large pillars in a symbolic casting away of evil as one of the final steps of the hajj.

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