ATLANTA (AP) — Travelers on Delta Air Lines are facing more delays, cancellations and headaches as the Atlanta-based airline struggles with its computer systems for the third straight day.

More than 150 flights were canceled and hundreds more delayed Wednesday morning, after 800 were canceled Tuesday and 1,000 on Monday.

Gil West, Delta's chief operating officer, said Tuesday that the system the airline uses to check in and board passengers as well as dispatch its planes was still slow.

Delta Air Lines said in a statement that it planned to resume "normal operations" by Wednesday afternoon.

Hundreds of thousands of passengers were stranded throughout the ordeal, many spending the night in airports around the globe. Others were put up in hotels by Delta, including 2,300 in Atlanta alone Tuesday night.

The problems started early Monday when, according to a statement by West, critical piece of equipment failed at the airline's headquarters. It caused a loss of power and key systems and equipment did not switch over to backups as designed.

Delta extended a travel-waiver policy to help stranded passengers rearrange their travel plans. It offered refunds and $200 in travel vouchers to people whose flights were canceled or delayed at least three hours.

LONDON (AP) — Delta Air Lines expects some 90 more flight cancellations globally before operations return to normal later in the day.

The airline has had to cancel over 1,700 flights since Monday, when a power outage at its base in Atlanta affected its global computer systems.

Dave Holtz, senior vice president for operations and customer center, says in a statement late Tuesday: "We will have a small number of cancellations in the morning as our operation restarts, so we continue to ask our customers to check their travel plans and flight status."

The company is predicting 90 flight cancellations for Wednesday, although tracking service FlightStats indicates there are about 150.

Delta canceled 775 flights Tuesday and 1,000 on Monday. Thousands more flights were delayed and passengers were stranded for hours, some overnight.

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DALLAS (AP) — Delta Air Lines says some computer systems are still working slowly more than a day after an outage crippled the airline and led to more than 1,500 cancelled flights.

Chief Operating Officer Gil West says that the airline is seeing slowness in a system used to check in and board passengers and dispatch planes.

West is giving the airline's most detailed description yet of what happened Monday to trigger a global outage of its computer systems. He says a piece of power equipment failed, causing a loss of power. Key systems and equipment then did not switch over to backups.

Delta canceled more than 1,000 flights Monday and more than 500 by Tuesday afternoon.

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DALLAS (AP) — Delta Air Lines' computer systems are working again, but the airline says nearly 250 more flights are being canceled today.

Delta says today it's trying to accommodate the tens of thousands of passengers whose flights were scrubbed yesterday.

Delta canceled about 1,000 flights and had 3,000 others delayed, some for hours, after yesterday's power outage at its Atlanta headquarters caused many computer systems to crash.



LONDON (AP) — At least half of all Delta Air Lines flights Monday were delayed or canceled after a power outage knocked out the airline's computer systems worldwide.

About 14 hours after the outage at one of its facilities, Delta was struggling to resume normal operations and clear a backlog of stranded passengers. It sought to appease frustrated customers by offering refunds and $200 travel vouchers.

By midafternoon, Delta said it had canceled more than 650 flights, although its computer systems were fully functioning again.

Tracking service FlightStats Inc. counted more than 2,400 delayed flights.

Delta representatives said the airline was investigating the cause of the meltdown. They declined to describe whether the airline's information-technology system had enough built-in redundancies to recover quickly from a hiccup like a power outage.


LONDON (AP) — The number of Delta Air Lines flights that have been canceled today because of a computer crash has surged above 400, and the number is likely to grow. A flight tracking site says more than 1,000 other flights were delayed.

Delta's computer systems around the world crashed overnight, stranding thousands of passengers on a busy travel day. The airline blames a power outage at an Atlanta facility.

Some Delta passengers say they received no notice of the problem. Passengers say they only discovered they were stranded after they made it through security and found other passengers sleeping on the floor.

A spokesman for Georgia Power told The Associated Press that the company believes a failure of Delta equipment caused the airline's power outage. He said no other customers lost power.

Last month, Southwest Airlines canceled more than 2,000 flights over several days after an outage that it blamed on a faulty network router.

United has suffered a series of notorious delays since it merged with Continental as the technological systems of the two airlines clashed.


LONDON (AP) — Delta Air Lines says only 800 of its nearly 6,000 scheduled flights are operational following a computer outage at an Atlanta facility that spread worldwide.

About six hours into the outage, limited flights had resumed but widespread delays and cancelations are ongoing.

The flight tracking site FlightStats Inc. says there were delays on more than 1,000 Delta flights before noon.

Many passengers were frustrated that they received no notice of a global disruption, discovering that they were stranded only after making it through security and seeing other passengers sleeping on the floor.

The utility Georgia Power says it believes the airline's power outage was caused by Delta's equipment.


LONDON (AP) — Delta Airlines has grounded flights for this morning because of a computer outage.

The airline has been tweeting customers, saying its IT systems are down everywhere and that "flights awaiting departure are currently delayed."

The airline says flights enroute have been operating normally.

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