Delta Regional Authority announces $72 million in investments in Louisiana to strengthen infrastructure, prepare for disasters, build the workforce, and support small businesses. Federal Co-chairman Chris Masingill says they are investing $275,000 for two water pumps in Assumption parish. He says the water pump near Paincourtville was damaged by the tornado in February, leaving many residents without clean water if the pump broke or the power went out.

“This investment fills that gap, giving the families and communities of Assumption parish the additional security they will have clean and drinkable water in times of need,” Masingill said.

Masingill says they are investing more than $1 million for waterworks improvements in Monroe to support CenturyLink’s new Century Village project. He says they are also investing $150,000 into the geauxBiz program to provide support for small businesses in central Louisiana.

“These investments will help cultivate and expand the region’s entrepreneur ecosystem, both attracting and growing Louisiana’s strong startup community,” Masingill said.

Masingill says another investment will expand sewer capacity in Boyce, where many of the components were constructed in the late 1950s. He says this investment is leveraging an additional $30 million from Sundrop Fuels for new research and development.

“New industry and investment means new jobs for the people of Louisiana and a stronger economy for the state. It’s a true win-win,” Masingill said.

Masingill says they are also growing the state’s Jobs for American Graduates Program by 30%. He says this program seeks to keep at risk youth in school.