Democratic lawmakers are calling for a change of leadership in the House after what many call a grueling session.

Some blame House Speaker Taylor Barras and Appropriations Chairman Cameron Henry specifically for not approving a budget.

Baton Rouge Representative Ted James says currently there is no leadership in the House.

“The Speaker, the Chairman of Appropriations, it was clear we don’t have leadership, and this is what happens. We are a body in complete chaos,” James said.

James says either lawmakers are going to continue to ignore the needs of the state or continue to embarrass themselves. He says partisan politics have created a House divided along party lines.

“We are so busy trying to make sure that the governor fails, we are so busy trying to gain political points that we have lost sight of what we were really elected for,” James said.

But Shreveport Representative Alan Seabaugh says he absolutely disagrees with that. He says the House has the perfect leadership.

“Taylor Barras is not fiery. He doesn’t scream and holler, and he doesn’t punish people. He is a good, conscientious, respectful leader who is stern, and he is fighting for the people of Louisiana,” Seabaugh said.

Seabaugh says Barras is looking out for the interest of the people in the state, and the people do not want to see their taxes increased. He says the Speaker is doing his job by adhering to the will of the constituents.

“We have a leader in the House who is reflecting the will of the people, which is his job since it’s the people’s House. He’s doing exactly what the people of Louisiana want, which is fighting tax increases,” Seabaugh said.

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