The social media era of humanity is so interesting because we have everything documented. We see kids who have been famous memes grow up before our eyes, from Lil Terrio to Sammy Griner aka the success kid. Well, now we see Dieunerst Collin go from being mistaken as Lil Terrio as the popeyes kid to now state champion.

Original Video Of Dieunerst Collin

Dieunerst didn't like being a meme at first. Nick Selbe of SI reported on how Dieunerst really felt. Dieunerst stated

"When it first happened, I kind of felt sad about it, it was somebody randomly recording me, and I’ve never been viral before. When it first came out, I would take it as bullying, every time I used to hear ‘Oh, Terio, Terio,’ and that’s not my name … a couple weeks later, I figured out it was me based on the video. I got kind of emotional, cried a little bit. Over the years, I got over it.”

However, Dieunerst is changing his own narrative. His New Jersey East Orange High School football team just won the state championship. His East Orange team beat Clifton 30-24. What an awesome way for Dieunerst to change the narrative surrounding his name and make a situation that much better. He is now trying to get recruited to play college football and has dedicated his life to his craft.

It's amazing to see how he overcame the bullying and teasing to do something incredible. I don't think we've yet seen the ramifications of going viral at such a young age. I'm just happy that Dieunerst did not let that set him back. I cannot wait to see Dieunerst on Saturdays doing what he loves.

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