A Disney employee was caught on video fighting off an alligator at Splash Mountain while tourists unknowingly floated by just a few feet away from the incident.

This video surfaced online less than a week after Disney made headlines for an alligator fatally attacking a small boy near their 7 Seas Lagoon.


Disney is definitely making efforts to find a solution to their gator issue by putting up new signs and fencing off the Lagoon, but did they know about an alligator infestation all along?

According to The Wrap, Disney officials have ignored employee requests to fence off the 7 Seas Lagoon for the past 14 months after being alerted about the potentially dangerous alligators.


Alligators are no stranger to swampy areas like Florida and our home here in Louisiana, but someone taking the boat out at the camp is naturally going to be more alert than someone enjoying a ride at Splash Mountain.

That's where the danger is elevated. Hopefully Disney comes up with a solution soon.

[via Uproxx]