In the middle of May, something will happen in Great Britain that I wish could happen here in the United States. Okay, more honestly, I wish it could happen here in the Gulf South. What's going to happen in Great Britain is the beginning of cruise vacations in a post-pandemic world. Now, the cruises will be domestic in nature. In other words, they won't make stops at any port that is outside the jurisdiction of the United Kingdom.

I say that's a hell of a lot better idea than sitting around wondering what the outdated social sensibilities of the Royal Familly are., Let's go cruising, but let's do it someplace better than Britain.

Okay, here's where you're going to have to turn off your Facebook sarcasm filter and actually be open-minded. What if we had a Gulf of Mexico Cruise? There are several major cruise ship ports that serve the Gulf. There is Galveston, New Orleans, Mobile Alabama, Tampa Bay, Key West, Miami, and Fort Lauderdale. All of those port cities serve the Gulf of Mexico and support cruise ships.

Of course, since we are already being weird, I would propose that we build out the Port of Iberia and make Acadiana a stop on this cruise too. I've already got the onshore excursions dreamed up. You can see those right here.

I know you're thinking, "a cruise around the Gulf, why"?

Well, it would give the cruise lines a chance to demonstrate how they will keep us safe while onboard their vessels. We will still get to visit ports of call that are unique and different. We could still have the "at sea" experience. And, we could get to travel within our own borders so we know that should there be an issue with coronavirus we won't have to call someone at the United States Embassy.

A cruise line could create a nice four, five, or even seven-night vacation using this routing and these destinations. Port cities like New Orleans and maybe one day Acadiana, would reap the benefits of port taxes and our local economies would benefit from the influx of 3,500 passengers per vessel with money to spend in their towns.

It's crazy enough to work. We just need a cruise line crazy enough to make it happen. You know a cruise line that has a crazy idea that treating passengers to a safe and memorable experience is a great way to stay in business.

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