Drew Brees is still on President Trump's mind.

Almost two weeks after Brees apologized for comments he made on national anthem protests, the President spoke on the topic during an interview with this son, Don Jr., on the official Team Trump website.

Trump criticized Brees' decision to walk back his statement at the time when the New Orleans Saints quarterback issued two public apologies for things he said during an interview with Yahoo! Finance on June 3.

I was shocked because I consider him a great football player, I consider him a champion and a star and I didn’t understand what was going on, and he took it back and I’ve never seen anything like it and I think he hurt himself very badly

Brees publicly responded to Trump when he initially criticized his comments, saying that he shouldn't have taken back his original stance.

During the interview with his son, Trump said he believes Brees will regret his decision in the future.

I was going to put out that he’ll (Brees) regret that in the future years because you stand for the flag. You have to stand for the flag and our anthem. The national anthem. You have to stand. I think the NFL’s gonna have a lot of problems if they don’t. A lot of warriors, they cave under PR pressure because his manager said, ‘Oh this isn’t right,’ and his teammates said ‘This isn’t right’ and all of a sudden he’s out there disclaiming about the flag and the country.

Since Brees' apology, teammates like Michael Thomas and Demario Davis have publicly expressed their acceptance, saying they believe their quarterback to be genuine.

At the time of this post, Brees has not acknowledged Trump's comments. Should he respond to President Trump? Sound off in the comments and tell me what you think.

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