The Donate Life Louisiana organization has received a national award from Donate Life America organization for their efforts in signing up more people for organ, eye and tissue donation.  The group ended 2011 with a 56 percent rate for donor designation, netting them a silver award.

DLL is made up of a variety of organ donation groups throughout Louisiana.  They include:

In order to receive a medal, groups must produce in a minimum of three areas which are as follows:

  • 50 percent of more of all state residents age 18 and older register as donors
  • 40 percent or more organ donors, eye donors and tissue donors registered at their time of death
  • 50 percent or more were licensed drivers

Gwen Dunware, administrator of the OMV says,

"The Office of Motor Vehicles is in a position to interact with more potential donors than any other organization in Louisiana.  Because of that, we can effectuate the goal of LOPA and DLL by making the registration process very easy.  We are proud to be a part of these great organizations that have the potential to impact the lives of so many people here in Louisiana  and around the country."

Kirsten Heintz, Director of Public Relations and Education for LOPA says, "It is great to be recognized for our registry efforts.  The true reward is knowing we are honoring the donor's wishes and helping others receive a second chance at life."

Donate Life Louisiana had a 56 percent donor designation rate, with 58 percent of 18 or older residents registered and with 52 percent of organ and tissue donors registered.