The Chief Operating Officer of the Acadiana Better Business Bureau of Acadiana, Chris Babin, says that it's a good idea to ignore any communication from someone you don't know.

Babin says they are constantly getting calls from people who have been the victim of one type of scam or another. He is asking people that if they are contacted by someone that they do not know to just ignore them. He recommends that you delete calls, texts and emails from anyone you don't know.

Responding to someone you don't know could open you up to a scammer. Babin says that someone looking to get your information can find ways to do that by sending you email, text and phone messages that will prompt you to sites that can install spyware on your devices. These devices are then compromised, and your money and identity can be taken away from you in a heartbeart.

If you receive a text message from someone you don't know, Babin says do what he does, just simply delete the message. The other important part of this, Babin asks anyone who is the victim of a scam, or if someone is trying to scam you, that you report that to police and to the Better Business Bureau of Acadiana. BBB runs a ScamTracker that helps them keep track of the bag guys. This helps them tell the story to other people so it doesn't happen to your friends and family.

Hear everything about what you can do to protect yourself by listening to Ian's and my interview with Chris Babin:



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