As part of President Trump’s COVID-19 task force, Dr.  Anthony Fauci has become a household name.  Dr. Fauci was recently a featured guest on Baton Rouge radio station Talk 107.3.  Fauci was asked if New Orleans officials should have acted sooner.

“People always try and second guess mayors and second guess governors, you know, that’s not helpful.  New Orleans clearly go hit hard.  It’s a town where there are a lot of bars, a lot of restaurants, and people congregate.  That’s the perfect setup,” said Fauci.

A shortage of tests has proved to be a hurdle in the initial response to the coronavirus.  Fauci says soon that will not be an issue.

“It’s going to be flooding the market with testing.  You are going to see millions of testings.  Remember when we were slow in the beginning?  That’s behind us.  We are going to be looking forward with many many more tests,” said Fauci.

Fauci says the summer season may help flatten the curve, but adds there are still many unknowns about this virus.

“It’s a unique virus and it may just do its own thing without paying attention to what happens to other viruses, but I would not be surprised if we saw a significant diminution as we get into the warm, moist months that you guys get down there in Louisiana,” said Fauci.

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