University of Louisiana at Monroe political science professor Dr. John Sutherlin visited 'Mornings With Ken and Bernie' today to discuss last night's vice-presidential debate.  Sutherlin observed that someone listening to the debate on radio would have thought that Vice-President Joe Biden won the debate while anybody watching the debate on television would have to say that Paul Ryan won the debate.  Aside from the more than 80 times that Biden interrupted Ryan, Sutherlin said the smiling, laughing and just plain mugging for the camera was not very respectful.

In discussing moderator Martha Raddatz Sutherlin said,

She constantly deferred to Biden as if he was the aged wise uncle that no one interrupts during Thanksgiving dinner. It wasn't fair and it wasn't that Ryan didn't get equal time... but she allowed Biden to continue to interrupt and continue that annoying laughter and sighing.

Listen to the entire interview:

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