This video is unbelievable and I think truly shows the human spirit in action. It also shows the power of adrenaline in a tense situation. A group of strangers ran to the aid of a man who flipped his convertible on the side of a South Carolina interstate. The laws of physics would tell you that the man should have been ejected, but apparently he was bucked in with on very strong seat belt.

Facebook user Bert Sorin posted the video and says he saw the car veer off the interstate and flip several. There is simply no good explanation for why this guy is alive. The care was apparently leaking gas, so he truly is lucky to be alive.

According to the driver, the whole accident was caused when he got distracted by a book in the back seat that flipped up apparently due to the wind inside the convertible. First responders checked out the driver, but he escaped with only some minor scrapes and bruises.