With the coming of the new year, City-Parish President Joey Durel has entered into his final year of service as City-Parish President. Durel joined ‘Nathan and Bernie in the Morning‘ for his weekly ‘Lafayette Live‘ segment to discuss his thought on the future of Lafayette.

"As I said when I promoted Kevin Blanchard to Public Works Director, people like Tom Carrol who did great things and helped us get to where we are today have retired," said Durel. "People like Kevin Blanchard are the future of Lafayette."
The City-Parish President spoke proudly of the promising young people who have entered into public service during his administration. He said early on during his 11 year tenure there were very few younger people in local government, something that's changed in recent years.
I got involved civically in my 40s. I got swore in when I was 50. It is good to see the young people. In part because they will inspire other young people to get involved. - Joey Durel
Besides the invigoration of youth in the administration office, Durel says young people have begun to influence other policies that will impact the future of the city.
The thought of somebody my age of really focussing on bike trails or green space on my own, the world has changed, so they are the ones who really bring those ideas to the forefront. They make a difference. - Joey Durel
As far as the future of Durel himself, he plans on continuing to serve the city any way he can, but not in an elected capacity.
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