Patrons of a Duson casino have been allowed to return to their games after being evacuated for several hours because of a hazardous materials situation. Police in Duson characterized the situation as a "chemical release". It happened last night (Tuesday) about 10:30 pm in the parking lot of Lucky Deuces Casino and Roady's Truck Stop.

Witnesses at the scene described a vapor leaking from a truck parked at the facility. That vapor was determined to be hazardous so evacuations of the immediate area were called for and hazardous materials crews were brought in to remediate the situation.

Shortly after one o'clock this morning, the crews were able to stop the vapor leak and the all-clear was given to those affected by it. Duson police have not identified the substance that was leaked but according to reports it was highly toxic and that was the reason for the actions that were taken.

Air quality tests in the area have determined that the area is safe. Both Lucky Deuces and Roady's Truck Stop, including the Best Stop Express are now back open for business this morning.

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