Early voting numbers for the Secretary of State’s election run-off set for December 8th is off to a rough start, with a huge drop off relative to the historic participation levels in the last mid-term. JMC Analytics Pollster John Couvillon says early voting numbers are down compared to the 2016 Senate run-off.

“Early voting turnout after two days has been pretty abysmal, 31,000 statewide. That’s very low early voting numbers compared to the turnout in the primary.”

Couvillon says the 31,000 early votes in the first two days are likely due to the fact that most folks aren’t even aware that there is an election less than two weeks away.

“A lot of people really just aren’t engaged in this race because of the fact that it is over the holiday season, and it’s a special election, and very little money has been raised as well.”

The race pits Republican Interim Secretary Kyle Ardoin, who took over the job after his boss, Tom Schedler, resigned amidst a sexual harassment scandal, against East Feliciana Democratic Minister Gwen Collins-Greenup who shocked analysts by beating out the endorsed Democratic Party candidate. Couvillon says party affiliation makes this race easy to call.

“Kyle Ardoin is going to win the race regardless of whether or not you’re talking about my projection of 15 percent turnout, or the 51 percent who voted in the primary.”

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