Campaign finance reports are out for the late September to late October fundraising period and Eddie Rispone has seen a fundraising explosion since entering the run-off.

Rispone pulled in 2.9 million dollars during the period. Political analyst Bernie Pinsonat says that because Rispone has the full weight of the GOP behind him.

“Now the field is cleared, it is just him, he is able to bring in the star power. The President, the Vice President, Senators, Congressmen are raising money for him so it’s not a big deal now,” says Pinsonat.

Edwards raised 5.2 million during the period. Rispone also lent himself another $500,000

Pinsonat says you’ll start to see a lot more local Republican money pour into the race because donors won’t have to fear playing favorites, like in the primary.

“The problem was that you had two Republicans and people were afraid to give to one without giving to the other, and you don’t normally have that situation,” says Pinsonat.

Both campaigns are sprinting to the finish line with just over a week left before voters hit the polls. Pinsonat says the campaigns need any donations in by Wednesday at the latest.

“They need $5,000 checks ASAP so they can spend every penny of it by Wednesday or Thursday,” says Pinsonat.

The election will be held next Saturday, November 16th.

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