Governor John Bel Edwards has plans to recommend a raise of at least a grand for public school teachers, the first substantial raise in about a decade. The plan would also see cafeteria workers and other personnel get a pay best of $500 annually. The governor’s education policy advisor Donald Songy says the message from Edwards to the teachers is clear.

"The Governor is working on increasing teachers' salaries until we reach the southern regional average," says Songy.

Songy says the timeline for getting the pay raises put into effect will start with getting the ball rolling during the next legislative session, which starts in April.

"The raises will take place for the 2019-2020 school year," adds Songy.

Songy says the extra money to fund the pay raises will likely come from the fact that Louisiana is experiencing a stronger economy.

"There won't have to be a tax increase for that because the economy is going to take care of the additional revenues," says Songy.

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