A lawsuit accusing former state Alcohol and Tobacco Control Commissioner Murphy Painter of sexually harassing and stalking his ex-administrative assistant has been settled for an undisclosed amount.
Lawyers for Kelli Suire and the Department of Revenue, which oversees ATC, filed a joint motion yesterday, asking Judge Mike Caldwell to dismiss Suire's claims.  Suire's lawyer, Jill Craft said the matter had been settled.  Painter said the dismissal of the suit shows that he "didn't do anything wrong."

Painter was ATC chief for 14 years before he resigned in August, several days after Suire complained to the state Office of Inspector General about him.

Meanwhile, Louisiana tax payers are paying for settlement checks on four lawsuits invloving Painter, including the settlement involving Kelly Suire. The settlement of the lawsuits cost tax payers nearly a quarter-million dollars.

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