Social media can be very intimidating.  You have so many new things that weren't around previously.  It's not just Facebook and Twitter anymore.  You also have Instagram, Pinterest and so many others.  So how do you make sense of it all?  Jaci Russo joined us on the Afternoon Drive Home today to make sense of the madness.

Jaci talked about social media and noted that they're not all the same,

The way you interact on Facebook is incredibly different than the way you interact on Twitter.

Russo then talked about the e-book where they list the differences using an illustration involving a donut.  Russo encouraged that you download the e-book if you need a primer on what is what and what you do with each different social media.  Russo also made mention that you shouldn't just sign up for all of them, but know your audience and make sure that you are directing your message to your audience.

Hear the complete conversation with Jaci Russo below: