LAFAYETTE, La. (KPEL News) - A Lafayette man is in custody after a domestic disturbance led to a high-speed chase and ended in a major crash on Kaliste Saloom.

The Lafayette Police Department released a statement on Sunday night detailing the events of the day, which culminated on Farm Ridge Road, which is just off Kaliste Saloom in Lafayette.

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Officers with Lafayette Police Department responded to 100 block of Shady Ridge Lane around 2:30 p.m. on Sunday, where there were reports of a domestic disturbance involving weapons.

Once at the scene, the responding officers met with two of the victims, and Drevian Dugas, a 22-year-old black male, was identified as the suspect. Dugas had a third victim with him, and it was quickly determined that the scene had evolved into a SWAT situation.

One of the officers fired on the suspect's vehicle on New Center Drive, a shooting that Louisiana State Police is now investigating. Meanwhile, the suspect fled the scene and the chase began.

"The suspect began driving erratically as officers pursued him," Sgt. Robin Green said in a press release.  "As a result of his erratic driving, the suspect struck a vehicle in the 2300 block of Kaliste Road at the intersection of Lake Farm Road causing it to overturn."

"The suspect’s vehicle then slid into oncoming traffic where it struck a second vehicle," the statement continued. "To ensure the safety of other innocent drivers, the suspect’s vehicle was pinned in by an LPD officers’ unit in order to immobilize it."

The suspect was hospitalized due to his injuries, and is currently in police custody. The victim in the vehicle with him was transported to a local hospital in stable condition. Others involved in the major traffic accident were injured, but are being treated for moderate injuries.

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Louisiana State Police released a statement saying they were investigating an officer-involved shooting in Lafayette on New Center Drive, just off Kaliste Saloom.

KPEL News can confirm the two incidents are related.

"Investigators are working to process the scene and gather further information," State Police Tropper Thomas Gossen said in a statement. "At least one subject was shot and transported to a local hospital for treatment. No officers were harmed during this incident. Additional details will be released when available."

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An incident that appears to have been a "high-speed chase" resulted in a major crash just off Kaliste Saloom on Sunday afternoon. Eyewitnesses posting to social media noted how shocked they were as the event unfolded.

Images of the crash scene appeared on Facebook Sunday, with users like Skylar Stoute noting that she "almost died in a high speed chase."

"If I didn't move out the way," she posted, "I would have gotten hit."

Numerous eyewitnesses described a “high speed chase” with Lafayette police chasing after a “white car” that was nearly “crashing into multiple vehicles”

Numerous eyewitnesses described the situation as “very scary,” with one eyewitness even noticing a mangled bike near the crash scene.

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Another eyewitness reported police were picking up items that were in the road.

"Me and my mom were riding down Kaliste Saloom and came upon police cars searching the roads," the eyewitness said. "The would stop, get out, and walk, picking certain things up, and that was a few miles before the wreck."

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"Then, the fire trucks and ambulances passed," they stated.

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