I think if you're planning on going to college in Louisiana there should be a high school course called "Understanding Government Acronyms" that you have to complete in order to move forward with your education. I mean, LOFSA needs your FAFSA so they can check your TOPS eligibility for LSU, UL, or SLCC.


See, if you'd taken that class you'd know LOFSA is Louisiana Office of Student Financial Assistance. They need your FAFSA or Free Application for Federal Student Aid filled out. So they can determine how much TOPS or Taylor Opportunity Program for Students money you're eligible for.

Regardless of the bureaucratic alphabet soup students who are interested in applying for TOPS benefits do need to have their FAFSA completed by July 1st. Students should go online and set up their Student Hub account now so they can track the progress of their TOPS award.

Here's a tip. Make sure you use the EXACT same name and spelling on every one of these accounts and applications. You'd be surprised how a typo or using a middle name instead of a first name can throw a wrench into the whole process.

We mentioned that the FAFSA deadline was July 1st. The deadline to file your ACT score has been extended until September 30th. That was done because so many students found their ability to take the ACT canceled by the COVID-19 pandemic. However, most testing locations have rescheduled those tests for later this month and July.

Speaking of COVID-19 with all the concern about when and if classes will be held on campus or online has many students thinking of sitting out a semester. It's okay if you do, but as a 2020 graduate, you will still want to have these forms filled out and filed by the deadlines listed above. Remember, a lot of these funds are first come, first served, and when they are gone, they are gone. So, don't miss out.


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