I feel like the dude in this picture. Frustrated and annoyed.

A scam that is known to law enforcement all across Acadiana, and also well known to the Better Business Bureau of Acadiana, is apparently circulating again. The reason I know this? Because I received one of the scam emails today.

If someone emails, texts, calls, or messages you on social media saying that you have to pay for a ticket because "you have run a red light" or some other excuse, make sure that delete this communication immediately. It's just another scam by people who are constantly trying to get people's debit/credit card or other information so they can drain your accounts. They could use your credit card to run up a bunch of charges. Even worse, by falling for the schemes of scammers, you could potentially give them information that could help them steal your identity. That kind of crime turns your whole life upside. down. If I click on that email they sent, it will likely open my computer up to malware. That malware could open up your computer allowing someone to spy on everything you do.

Since I have seen this phishing attempt, I am going to report the incident to the Better Business Bureau of Acadiana's Scamtracker. This program does exactly what it sounds like it would do. People submit scams that have either been attempted on them or when they actually have been scammed. This tool helps you and everyone you know. It helps you to know what's going on in your area. It's not like you need to feel ashamed to report something. As you will see from Scamtracker, other people have dealt with the same situation that you have.

If you have lost something of value, the Better Business Bureau of Acadiana asks that you also report that information to local law enforcement.

You can just take a look at the BBB website's news section to see that there are constantly a variety of different scams that have been reported in our area and others that are being tracked across the country.

I wrote another story yesterday about a scam that is making its rounds in Acadiana. It just burns me up that someone would try so hard to get something from a person who works their heart out each day. That's everyone I know in Acadiana, basically. Another scam was making the rounds back in June. You can click here to read about it. I even wrote a similar story back in April about a scam where people would pretend to be from law enforcement. They get you on the phone, and these people would threaten you. You can read that story here. The bottom line on this is, just keep your head on a swivel, so to speak, when encountering any kind of communication from someone you don't know.

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