On this week's edition of 'Firearms Friday' we were joined by Chris Ortego substituting for Glenn Fleming.

Usually we start 'Firearms Friday' with a safety tip and this week we asked Chris if it were legal to travel across state lines with a handgun. According to Ortego,

Whenever you cross state borders you have to understand you're no longer in Louisiana although if you have a concealed carry permit from Louisiana they do honor them but you also gotta understand they have their own set of laws...You can always call their concealed carry offices.

Another safety tip for summer from Ortego,

Don't leave ammo in your car. If you leave the gun in your car, take the magazine with you so the ammo won't heat and cool off repeatedly which might damage the case of the rounds.

We had heard a report that John Walsh of America's Most Wanted was taking up the banner of gun control from CNN host Piers Morgan and asked Ortego if he had more information. Ortego said,

He's saying he believes in universal background checks. He said, I'm a gun owner and I believe there should be some more gun controls.

To hear the entire interview with Chris click on the blue arrow below:

Be sure to check out Glenn Fleming's new website.

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