Delhi Senator Francis Thompson’s truth in labeling law of Ag. products receives unanimous support from the state senate and moves to the House for more discussion. Thompson’s bill would impact products such as cauliflower rice.

“If it is not rice it should not be labeled as rice. If it is not meat it should not be labeled as something that is a substitute for meat.”

The proposed law would also protect other Ag. products like rice and meat. So, no more tofu burgers.

“So if they put a label on it that does not truthfully define what it is then they will be in violation of the law.”

Food manufacturers in violation of this proposed law would be fined 500-dollars. Thompson says they have until October 2020 to properly label their packages.

“If they have some reason why they can’t do it quickly enough then we will give them a little time we are just trying to get them to conform to the labeling laws.”

Thompson also has a bill that prohibits the mislabeling of milk, like soy and almond milk. That measure is awaiting a hearing in the Senate Health committee.

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