Former Congressman Jeff Landry has only been out of office for a few weeks, so when he joins us, you know he has insights into the inner workings of this administration and the leadership of this Congress.  He spent some time with the Afternoon Drive Home today and talked about the President's inaugural address and what he plans to do moving forward.

Landry said that the President came off as being confident and said that he agreed with Charles Krauthammer in that the speech was a

Progressive speech.  His speech was basically government is going to take care of you and collectively we have to make sure that the government is able to take care of you.

As to the leadership of the current Congress, Landry pulled no punches, mentioning that while the President has been playing chess with Republican leaders, they have been playing checkers.  Given that, he says that the President has been able to outmaneuver leaders in the GOP again and again.  Landry said that Speaker John Boehner has miscalculated with his leadership.  Landry said anytime that they would get into a conference among Republicans, Boehner would tell them,

No, we've gotta do it this way.  If we don't do it this way, President Obama would be re-elected, we'll lose our chance to take the Senate and he was wrong each and every time.  I think he would be gone today if there was a person we could replace him with.

Landry didn't mention what he wants to do with his future, but said that he does want to stay involved in the process and has been hearing encouragement from several people.  Landry said he has been listening a lot and is trying to figure out what that next step is.

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