A former Lafayette city-parish employee received a sentence of one year of probation, and she was ordered to pay 420 dollars in fines and restitution.  45-year-old Roxanne Andrus of Scott pleaded no contest to a theft charge for allegedly cashing a blank money order to the city.

Andrus had worked as a sentence coordinator for a court-related program which was operated by city-parish government. The money order totalled 160 dollars, and it had been paid by someone who had signed up for a rehabilitation class.

Prosecutor Don Landry says if Andrus doesn't pay the money in 35 days, she could see 90 days in jail.

Andrus was once a lawyer, but she was disbarred in 2004.  At that time, allegations were made that Andrus mishandled about 47,000 dollars belonging to a 92-year-old woman.