Kyle Turley played 10 seasons in the NFL for the Saints, Rams, and Chiefs. He gained fame for his ferocity, and infamy for his often erratic behavior. The Saints drafted him #7 overall in 1998. Turley was named All Pro in 2000. NFL football is a tough game. He has paid the price. Turley tells the Huffington Post he sustained more than 100 concussions during his pro football career. He says he experienced suicidal tendencies, and blames it on prescription painkillers. He's been an outspoken critic for the past 8 years, and endorses the use of medical marijuana instead. Medical marijuana is legal in a number of states, including Louisiana.

“My relationship with pharmaceuticals brought me to where I am today. About eight months ago having had an episode where I really just got to my lowest point in life. Thoughts of suicide, depression, anxiety were mounting, never going away.”  -Kyle Turley


Turley says he no longer uses pharmaceuticals, crediting marijuana for helping him "take his life back."