LAFAYETTE, La. (KPEL News) - Lafayette Police sent a message over the weekend: if you're a fugitive from another area, don't think that Lafayette is a safe hiding spot.

48-year-old Christopher Moore - a man wanted for Attempted Murder in Columbus, Ohio - came to the Lafayette area recently. Lafayette PD, acting on information received from Columbus PD, were able to track Moore to an apartment complex in the 700 block of S. College Road. But, Moore barricaded himself inside, refusing to come out.

700 block of S. College Road, google maps
700 block of S. College Road, google maps

That's when the SWAT team was called in, rescuing other apartment residents from the situation and keeping constant contact with Moore and his alleged accomplice - 46-year-old Shannon Parsons.

It took several hours but both suspects were taken into custody at the Lafayette Parish Correctional Center.

In addition to the Attempted First Degree warrant, Moore also faces a charge of Illegal Carrying of a Firearm by Persons Convicted of Certain Felonies. Parsons was arrested on one count of Accessories after the Fact.

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