Ray Kurzweil talked with Glenn Beck recently and predicted that by 2040, we will be living in a whole new world.  Kurzweil is an inventor and futurist and has been very accurate in predicting what has happened to us in recent times.

His prediction for the future might be comforting to some.  He says that our understanding of technology will create computers that can out think us.  He says that we will find ways to adapt technology to work with our bodies to make us more healthy and live longer.  The technology will be a part of our brains and our organs.

While this sounds nice, I can't help but think about science fiction that I have watched over the years.  Specifically, Star Trek: The Next Generation, which introduced us to the Borg.  If you don't know the show, this is a race of cybernetic beings that are half computer and half human.  They run around saying that they want to assimilate everyone and everything.  Then there is always Terminator, which shows us a race of robots that can out think us and is out to destroy us.  Then let's review also what happened in one of my other favorite series, Battlestar Galactica.  The cylons come back and try to destroy their creators.

Is this a good idea?  Maybe, but we need to make sure that we can control the technology. If we can, then it sounds like a bright and hopeful future.  Still, there needs to be some boundaries.  I can't imagine that having a computer inside of me would be a good thing.  Kind of makes going to the doctor a whole new experience.  What happens if my computer goes bad?  Do I have to visit the shop and be fixed?

This could be interesting.  Not sure if it will actually happen, but it is a fascinating read.