The 30th annual Festival International de Louisiane is April 20 - 24, and there are a lot of ways that you can not only enjoy the wonderful music, art, and food, but help the community and environment as well.

'Geaux Green' is sponsored by Project Front Yard, CGI, and LUS Fiber, and is a way for you to participate in the 'green initiative' while enjoying the festival. The mantra of the movement is 'Reduce Litter, Reuse Festival Cups, Recycle Cans and Plastic'.

There are also several events planned throughout this weekend, like the festival edition of Household Chemical Day, sponsored by Lafayette Consolidated Government on Saturday, April 23 at Cajun Field. Festival goers are being asked to drop off your household chemicals responsibly before riding the free shuttle from Cajun Field to downtown Lafayette.

A 'Festival Trash Mob', sponsored by LUS will be held on Saturday, April 23 and Sunday, April 24, and is a great way to keep the streets of downtown Lafayette clean during and after the festivities. You can register for the Trash Mob, and get an official PFY Tee Shirt, AND access to the official Project Front Yard tent during the festival. Registration is required to in order for volunteers to be added to the list to access the Project Front Yard tent.

Have fun, and do something good at the same time this weekend, ya'll! Let's keep festival litter free and fabulous!



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