Glenn Fleming joined us for 'Firearms Friday' this week and said when the firing line is "cold" you should not handle your weapon.

Fleming said,

When the range is 'cold' you shouldn't mess with your weapon, pick it up or even touch it.  If someone walk's up and asks to see your weapon you should politely tell them you'll be glad to show it to them after the firing line goes "hot".  It's not polite or safe to handle a weapon when anyone is down-range doing any work.

When asked about so-called 'straw purchases' Fleming replied,

It's a serious crime where someone like a convicted felon will give money to someone to make a legal purchase of a weapon and then hand over the weapon to the felon.  It's basically the same thing that was done in the Federal government's 'Fast and Furious' operation.

Listen to the entire interview:

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