Three nonpartisan good government groups have joined forces in an effort to get the candidates for governor and the legislature to discuss details on what they plan to do if elected. The Council for a Better Louisiana is one of the organizations involved in RESET Louisiana’s Future.

“There is a lot of rhetoric during campaigns, there’s a lot of distractions from candidates of all stripes, what we are trying to do is say there are some important issues facing our state and we want to try to keep people focused on those,” said CABL president Barry Erwin.

So far in Louisiana’s governor’s race, the candidates have not provided much when it comes to their plans on improving the state, instead, the ads have centered around President Donald Trump and Governor Edwards’ current term. Erwin says they want to change the conversation to focus on these issues.

“We are talking about education, state fiscal policies including pension reform and the constitution, infrastructure and criminal justice and public safety reform,” said Erwin.

The Committee of 100 and the Public Affairs Research Council are also part of RESET Louisiana’s Future and they’ve raised 500-thousand dollars that they’ll use to spend on digital ads, speaking in front of town hall meetings and chamber of commerce events. Erwin says they’ve also met with the gubernatorial candidates.

“We really think is an important opportunity and we don’t want to squander it and neither do our members, which is why they put up the dollars and that’s why we really hope to have a good effort to get this message out,” said Erwin.

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