Governor John Bel Edwards provided details Thursday on the 52-million dollars in federal money that will go towards expanding I-12 in St. Tammany Parish from Highway 190 to Highway 59. Edwards says the state faces a 14-billion dollar backlog in highway projects, but they are using any available dollars wisely.

“We’re not going to say we are doing all that we want to do, but we know we are doing more than previously,”s said Edwards.

Edwards says this investment will provide more economic opportunities and ease congestion for a three-mile stretch of I-12.

“These projects are going to provide much-needed traffic relief along this corridor that sees more than 70,000 motorists every day,” said Edwards.

This funding comes out of a 76-million dollar allocation from the federal government announced last week.

State Transportation Secretary Shawn Wilson says they’ll open the project up for bids in December and once a contractor is in place they’ll know when construction will start.

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