When Governor Edwards IS released from Oakdale federal prison, his next stop will be Baton Rouge area halfway house. When former Governor Edwin Edwards is released from the federal prison at Oakdale, he'll spend the rest of his sentence in a Baton Rouge area "halfway house". Radio show host and former state official Jim Brown knows Edwards well, and says his comings and goings will be monitored. Brown says Edwards is a lawyer, and has lots of connections. He says he's certain someone will offer him a full or part-time job while he's in the halfway house. Brown is the publisher of Edwards' biography, which is still selling very well. Edwards will be able to leave the halfway house and go to work every day, but he must report back for a "bed check" every night until his full ten-year sentence is over. Brown says EWE made the best of his time in prison, and will no doubt do the same in a halfway house.

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