Personal chef Jon Soileau was back Friday for his weekly conversation, this time with Carol Ross who was filling in for Jeremy Lawrence on the Afternoon Drive Home, chatting about food and fun and giving us some of his experience. In this conversation, he provides tips for making your Fourth of July cooking fun and memorable.

If you're going to be outside with the heat around the grill, please make sure that you are consuming plenty of water so you don't pass out on the grill.

Other tips from Jon:

  • Buy meat from your local butcher shops, slaughterhouses or grocery stores. A lot of times you will find the quality and pricing of the meat is better, as well as the cut of the meat.
  • Buy fresh vegetables to put on the grill (ex: squash and tomatoes). He recommends using bacon fat to add that smoky flavor to the vegetable.
  • For dessert, he recommends grilling fruits such as peaches and plums to go along with poundcake and homeade ice cream.
  • He also tells you how to make your own strawberry shortcake:

Buy flaky biscuits from the store or make your biscuits from scratch, chantilly cream (whipped cream with vanilla flavoring inside) and strawberries. He recommends tossing the strawberries after they've been sliced in a little bit of sugar.

To listen to Jon and Carol's conversation about grilling, CLICK BELOW:

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