I think we found the worst best man in the history of people getting married.

Sometimes you think you know someone, only to realize you had absolutely no clue. That's the case for this bachelor in England who was in for the surprise of his life ahead of his bachelor party.

I have never been married, but I have been engaged and I remember the tough process that is choosing your groomsmen and best man. It's so hard to pinpoint one person out of a large group of friends to hold the title of best man. I know it must have been difficult for this guy, who had quite a large group of friends. Finally, he selected his best man and the party planning began.

The group of bro';s decided on a destination... Viva Las Vegas baby, and they all pitched in a little over $900 each to bring the budget up to $10,000.

Once the money was collected, it was handed over to the best man to get it all lined up.

Only, he didn't line up anything for the group, instead, he embezzled every last cent of the budget. Once the groom and his other friends realized what had happened, they had the best man arrested and he's currently being charged for fraud.

As for the remaining friends, they were out of cash and the super bachelor party was cancelled. They will be taking part in a far-less expensive party, they plan on simply going to a bar in England.

The group, however, has set up a GoFundMe page to try to recoup for their losses.



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