In September and October, I think many of us start thinking about Halloween and you may even thing about costumes you wore when you a youngster. Do you think about the fun you had as a child during Halloween? Trick-or-treating was the highlight of October for most kids. It takes me back. I hope it's the same for you.

I remember my younger years as being a more simple time when we didn't have cell phones, and if we wanted to talk to someone we might actually have to talk on the phone on the wall in our house. There were times when you actually had to wait to have a conversation with someone until you were right in front of them.

When it comes to Halloween and how we celebrated it in the 70's, I remember it being such a fun and easy going time.

I remember being in class and thinking about how exciting it would be to get a bunch of candy along with dressing up in a fun costume. It seems to me that it was a much simpler time. Everyone usually wore one of those plastic face masks with characters that they wanted to be for Halloween. I remember friends that were Snow White, Casper the Friendly Ghost, and I remember being Wonder Woman one year.

When it was time to trick or treat, either my mom or one of my older siblings would take me to knock on doors on our block. We sometimes went one block over, but for the most part, we went to the houses on Maplewood Drive, Broadmoor Boulevard, and sometimes we even were allowed to go to all of the houses on Elmwood Drive.

Now I don't know if it was a really simpler time, or if we just thought it was easier as we were young kids enjoying ask for candy. We didn't have things to worry about; we were young. Everyone in our neighborhood usually took part in Halloween, and some neighbors even would host haunted houses in the garages. It was a glorious, whimsical time.

Now when I see costumes for Halloween, they seem much more complicated, and they also seem like they might be expensive if you want a really good one.

Here are some of the popular costumes I remember as a child in the 70's.

Simple Halloween Costumes In The 70's

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