Not sure if you've noticed, but apparently the price of hand sanitizer has skyrocketed on Amazon. In some cases, people are charging hundreds of dollars, cashing in on the public's fear of catching the coronavirus.

It seems hand sanitizer is becoming harder and harder to find in the Amazon marketplace, and as a result, people are looking to cash in due to the demand.

It's important to note the high prices for some of the hand sanitizer is from 3rd party sellers, not Amazon directly.

3 oz travel size bottle of germ-x is going for $14.95, roughly about $5 an oz. A 32 oz bottle of Highmark Advanced Hand Sanitizer is going for a whopping $89.99.

Or, how about a pack of 6 Germ-X Hand Sanitizer, 8 Fl Oz Pump Bottles for the entirely reasonable price of $519.00.

The best deal you'll find is two 3.4 oz bottles of some off-brand hand sanitizer plus three respirator masks for a mere $94.95!

If you want to check this madness out for yourself, head over to


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