It's a pretty scary thing to to find out that that gigantic piece of metal with lots of parts that you get into every day has been recalled. Oh, you didn't know? Because it's not like you always get alerted to the problem right away.  And just FYI - this has happened to me numerous times. Especially if you buy a previously owned vehicle. You're not always first on the list when they are sending out notices that something is wrong.

So , where do you go to check for safety recalls? The United States Department of Transportation and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. They have a whole website for Safety Issues and Recalls, and that includes car seats, tires, and equipment. All you have to do is put in the vin number of your car, the make and model, and you can check your vehicle's safety immediately. You can also enter Also search by NHTSA ID or complaints by keyword. So, if you want to feel that sense of relief, check your vehicle's info today. You're welcome.


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