If you are looking for a lit bit of adventure this summer, then you don't have far to go in Louisiana. New Orleans is known for being a pretty spooky place, and guided tours are offered for everything from the famous above ground cemeteries to haunted tours of the French Quarter. But you might not have known about the hotels that are purportedly frequented by ghosts in the Crescent City.

Louisiana Travel, our state tourism site, has compiled a list of places that are not only haunted, but you can still book a room at in New Orleans. If you are up for a scary stay, then check out the list below.

  • The Hotel Monteleone, 214 Royal Street. The 14th floor is supposedly still occupied by the ghost of a little boy named Maurice. Long dead former employees have also been spotted throughout the years
  • Dauphine Orleans Hotel, 415 Dauphine Street. Paranormal research and documented sightings have frequently mentioned the 'Lost Bride', a young woman named Millie, who has been seen still roaming the hallways. She was set to marry a Confederate soldier who died the day of the wedding, and she never got over her grief.
  • Lafitte Guest House, 1003 Bourbon Street. A young girl died after falling down a staircase at the house in the 1800's, and she has been known to move objects around the house still to this day. She has been seen in the second floor hallway, but never seems to make it to the very staircase where she supposedly perished.
  • The Hotel Provincial, 1024 Chartres Street. A former military hospital in 1722, the hotel sits on land that was given by a grant from King Louis XV. Wounded soldiers have been spotted throughout the building, and bloodstains  have mysteriously appeared on bed covers.
  • The Bourbon Orleans, 717 Orleans Street. This is supposedly the most haunted hotel in the city, and the former home of Convent of the Holy Family. The second floor ballroom has occasionally hosted a lone deceased dancer throughout the years, and an elderly ghost smoking a cigar in the lobby has also been frequently observed.

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