Saturday, I drove into Texas from Louisiana, and this is as close as I could get to the blockade set just inside the border.

A week ago, Texas State Police began stopping Louisiana motorists driving into the state. All commercial vehicles are allowed to drive freely, but everyone else has to pull over and go through a lengthy screening process.

Saturday, I drove into Texas to play golf. I had no interest in going through the COVID-19 screening blockade, so I jumped onto a service road attempting to avoid being stopped. Ironically, the Texas State Police set up their I-20 blockade on the same exit that I would have taken to get to the golf course.

Their blockade is set up on exit 628, just past Waskom, Texas. I was surprised to see it that far into Texas, I was under the impression that the blockade would be very close, if not directly on the state line. The pictures above were taken as I was heading back to Louisiana.

They have several tents set up, as well as a large police trailer. It's my understanding that Louisiana motorists can enter Texas after the screening process at the Exit 628 COVID-19 checkpoint.




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