Eric Holder is nearing the time that the Full House will vote on contempt of Congress charges against him.  Those on the left have said time and again that this is something that the right is cooking up.  They continue to claim that they have offered unprecedented access to documents and that doesn't seem to be enough.  Never mind that the President asserted executive privilege.  White House Press Secretary Jay Carney has called this political theater, if the vote takes place.  He tried to paint it as something that Republicans alone are doing.  Except that they aren't.

Enter stage left a group of Democrats that seem to be signalling that they will be joining with Republicans to vote for contempt charges against the Attorney General.  Wait, I thought that this was something that was simply one party against another.

I normally would agree that it is a political move.  However, there are some that actually believe that Congress has weight that this administration appears to be ignoring.  Not all that are voting for contempt charges are there, but there are enough to give you some faith in the system after all.

I don't see the theater here because there have been things done wrong by this administration and this Attorney General.  Fast and Furious is something that even the Mexican Government has been planning on investigating for themselves because they weren't in on the loop on this ill conceived plan.  This is something that the truth needs to come to light on.  If it doesn't, then Congress has things it can do to express itself and contempt charges is one way to do that.

Based on all of that, one wonders how long it will take Eric Holder to decide it's time to hang it up.

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