The National Home Education Research Institute says, across the nation, homeschooling is on the rise. It’s a trend that is likely becoming a more popular option when factoring in a tailored curriculum, a difference in values, and an uptick in school violence.

President of Homeschool Louisiana, Christopher Chin, says the Bayou State is not exempt from the rise in homeschooling.
“The specific number of registered homeschoolers are 30,147 students in our state. If homeschoolers were their own school district, they would be the sixth largest in our state.”

Chin explains the concerns with school violence encompasses more than just school shootings.

“There is a lot of regulation there, there is a lot of security, and still you have the bullying, the sexual misconduct, the sexual abuse, and then, of course, you have unfortunately physical assaults.”

Chin says homeschooling may not be for everyone, but says the freedoms that come with the option is something more parents should look into.

“If parents thoughtfully looked at it and saw the resources today many parents would take the leap.”

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