Mark Hudspeth knows the Ragin' Cajuns made a mistake. The man most people know as "Coach Hud" turned off the persona and offered a sincere apology as a man, not a coach.

In an exclusive, one-on-one, interview, Hudspeth was remorseful, emotional, genuine and even vulnerable at points. He explained his initial reaction that offended some donors and members of the fan base, pointing to the fatherly instinct to protect his players from harm. With such a strong public reaction, he didn't try to dodge the part he played. He accepted responsibility and laid out the plan to earn back the community's support.

The player-coach relationship is very similar to a father and son. Hudspeth reacted like a parent when he felt like his football family needed defending, and now he's going to make sure they learn a lesson from the experience. He also explains how the portrayal of his players in the video differs from what he sees every day and outlines the corrective measures they are taking to make sure it never happens again.

The damage is done, but Hudspeth wants to heal the wounds the locker room video created and move forward to put this behind them.

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