An unemployed Texas mother of two recently received an eviction notice for failure to pay rent. Is there really a nice way to evict someone? Some people say yes and that the eviction notice she received crosses the line.

According to Sonja Lee lives at The Steeples apartment complex in Houston, and this past Monday (08/17/20) found a folded piece of paper taped to her door.

When she opened it, she discovered it was an eviction notice that read "Guess who's moving? You!!!" printed under an emoji waving goodbye.

Lee tells she lost her job at Jack in the Box in March but was able to make her rent payments for April and May but unfortunately wasn't been able to pay for June or July.

From -

"They say they understand the insensitive nature of the flyer and said the manager who created it was disciplined. We are told the flyer was only used one time. Additionally, a company-wide email was sent out on best practices reminding managers they are only allowed to distribute flyers pre-approved by corporate."

Karya Property Management, the owner of the apartment complex tells that Lee is currently not under eviction and that no eviction notices have been filed.

Below is a photo of the eviction notice from KTAL reporter Jeané Franseen's Facebook page.



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