I personally believe that there is more to UFOs than just 'weather balloons' or 'swamp gas' or 'mass hysteria.' I've never seen one myself, but I've also never seen the other side of the moon. I still believe it's there, though. As to what UFOs are, I think they could be any number of things. Alien ships, alien beings, experimental aircraft, all of the above.

I also believe it's a safe bet that the governments of the world know more than they're telling us and that sometimes, even they aren't fast enough to keep something from being seen by the rest of us. This video from the ISS is a great example. Some in the UFO community believe the feed was cut on purpose to hide this particular UFO. Does that mean it's an alien ship? No, but while NASA claims the ISS cameras sometimes 'lose signals,' this has happened many times before and seems quite suspicious.

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